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Power your Payroll Service Bureau by licensing Payrolls Inc.’s Full Payroll and Human Resources Software Suite, offering you the latest technology and expansive feature set to give you and your customers an edge on your competition.

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What our Customers Have To Say

    “Payrolls Inc.’s full-service, direct-style online product combines cutting-edge technology with all the benefits of a full-service payroll company. The time our members will save using Sam’s Club Payroll is as valuable to small business owners as the savings we provide.”

    – Seong Ohm
    Senior Vice President of Membership Services

    An integrated payroll service allows our customers to easily manage the process and quickly return their focus to growing their companies. With PlatinumPay Xpress integrated into our website, our customers are able to streamline their online banking and payroll activities into a single touch point.“

    – Lonnie Hayes
    Executive Director of Small Business

    Payrolls Inc. makes running payroll so smooth and easy. They make the communication to run payroll so easy and flexible. Payrolls Inc. offers so many products to make payroll so easy for the employees.

    – Kelly Cope

    Payrolls Inc.'s software integrates with the following products.
    Bamboo HR
    Attendance on demand
    AP Intego
    Efficient Hire
    Mammoth with ThinkHR
    Maser Tax
    National Crime Search
    Print Management Partners
    Quarterly Express
    Torch LMS
    Benefit Express
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    IndustryNewsletters Division Logo 316P
    PosterElite HCM Logo

    We offer a Variety of Deployment Options

    Whether you enjoy the security of hosting on-premise, or the flexibility to the cloud,
    or both, we tailor to your specific needs.

    If you’re a larger service company or require in-house control, our completely on-site option enables you to have ultimate control over your environment.
    In the Cloud
    In the Cloud
    Our option to host your environment in the cloud gives you all the flexibility and options of hosting on premises, with lower costs and infinite scalability.
    The best of both worlds. For additional control from our Cloud option, our back office system is installed on-site, while the online client options are hosted in the cloud.

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